Throwing a ring into an active volcano

To: Iceland Total 
From: tim.fredriksson@gmail.com
Date: 04/21/2010 11:20 AM

My name is Tim Fredriksson and I'm from Sweden. Soon me and my wife plan to go to Iceland.

During this trip we want to visit a volcano for a certain reason. We need to get rid off my wife's wedding ring from her first marriage. This is very symbolic for us, and I feel that we cannot move on with our relationship before the ring is destroyed. Thus, we want to visit a volcano and threw the ring in to the crater.

Which active volcanos are easily accessible from Reykjavik? Which ones do you recommend for this purpose?

Thanks in advance,
Tim Fredriksson

PS. If tourists are not allowed all the way to an active crater we are willing to pay for a guide/ranger throwing away the ring into the volcano.

— ANSWER nr 1 —:
To: tim.fredriksson@gmail.com
From: Iceland Total
Date: 04/22/2010 4:10 PM

Hi Tim. This is certainly one of the most interesting requests we have had.
Do you mind if I take 1-2 days to look into it and get back to you with options... ?

Many thanks !

Best regards,
Customer Service Team

— ANSWER nr 2 —:

From: Iceland Total
Date: 04/23/2010 2:37 PM

Hi Tim.

My name is [---------]   and got your email regarding a trip to Iceland, with the purpose of throwing a ring into an active volcano.
This strikes me as the modern version of Lord of the Rings and a brilliant idea.
We would certanly like to assist you, but this can be difficult.

Two options
1) The active volcano today is Eyjafjallajokull, with explosions and ash. You can´t get close to it. You would have to go there with a helicopter or airplane, and throw it in from distance.
2) The first volcano, at Fimmvorduhals, is quiet, and there is no fire spouting from the crater anymore. you could get very close to the crater and maybe throw the ring from distance.

Personally, i like option nr. 1 better - it´s much more symbolic - as the volcano is actually erupting.

But there are a few twists in this.
The conditions, wind direction, ash spread from the volcano, etc. have to be very good in order to fly over the crater. This could be difficult - and expensive.

However, I think this is such an interesting idea that we want to make something out of it.
I can set up a day tour for you, with a private guide - where the mission is to throw the ring into the crater. We will do what it takes, rent a helicopter, take a Super Jeep over the glacier,etc. whatever it takes. What we want to do is to capture the ceremony on tape - and post it on our website as a video. Ergo, we want to use it for a promotional purpose for our brand.
If you accept this, we could do this private whole day mission for you - for free. We take all the cost.

Is this something that might interest you?

When were you planning to come to Iceland? Has to be soon, as the volcano might stop anytime.

look forward to hear your response.


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