An "all-nighter" in Christiania without kids!

To: Copehagen Tourist Information
Date: 04/013/2010 08:45 PM

I am Tim Fredriksson from Sweden. This summer our family will visit Copenhagen. We will do typical family stuff like Copenhagen Tivoli, the Zoo, Ströget, etc.

However, one day + night me and my wife would like to visit Christiania for an "all-nighter". Since we are responsible parents we would like someone to take care of our kids during this time. Do you know if there is any 24/7 kindergarden in Copenhagen, or any similar services we could use? I mean - it is Denmark, there must be some liberal services for parents like us.

Thanks in advance,
Tim Fredriksson with family


To: tim.fredriksson@gmail.com
From: Copenhagen Tourist Information
Date: 04/14/2010 10:14 AM
Thank you for your mail.

You can try:


Med venlig hilsen

The official destination management organization of the greater Copenhagen area


Is Jeffereson being replaced?!

To: Mount Rushmore National Park
Date: 04/02/2010 11:56 AM
Hi over there,

I am Tim Fredriksson from Sweden. Me and my family are planing to go to America this summer, and one of the stops will definitely be Mount Rushmore.

However, my neighbour, Olof Andersson, says that we have to hurry and see the monument before the summer. From the first of June, artists and engineers will start the work to replace Jefferson with the face of Obama in order to increase the popularity, claims Olof.

Is this true? Do we need to change our dates? I can't find any more information about it elsewhere, but Olof says this is obvious since it is a conspiracy.

Best regards,
Tim Fredriksson with family

To: tim.fredriksson@gmail.com
From: Mount Rushmore National Park
Date: 04/05/2010 10:14 PM


That is a great story, but no truth!!! Don't believe it!!!!!!! Jefferson isn't going anywhere and no one is going to be added. Tell Olof nice try???

[-----------], Ranger


An urgent need to see Jafar at Disney World

To: Walt Disney World Resort
From: tim.fredriksson@gmail.com
Date: 04/05/2010 09:16 AM

Hi over there,
I am Tim Fredriksson from Sweden. Me and my family are planing a trip to Florida, and a must-stop is of course Disney World!

However, our youngest son has a manic fear against Jafar, the evil guy in "Aladdin". We have forced our son to watch the Aladdin-movies several times, but the fear only seems to increase.

Therefore, when we visit Disney World we want to be sure that our son is forced to meet Jafar face-to-face. We hope this is the optimal cure and could help him to overcome his fear. So, what we need to know is when and where we can "bump" in to a "real" Jafar at the park? We are planing to visit Disney World the 20th or 21th of June this year.

Best regards,
Tim with the rest of the Fredriksson family

To: tim.fredriksson@gmail.com
From: Walt Disney World Resort
Date: 04/05/2010 10:14 PM
Dear Tim,

Thank you for contacting the Walt Disney World Resort.

Tim, we appreciate your interest in "curing" you son of his dread of Jafar. Since Jafar is not a common character always found at Walt Disney World, we can only suggest that you visit Guest Relations in one of our theme parks and have them check if Jafar is making any appearances that day. They have a schedule of character appearances approximately for a 2-week time period. Also, the Times Guide given out at each park will list the characters which have a "Meet and Greet".

We look forward to your visit to the Walt Disney World Resort and hope that your time with us is magical.

If you have questions or need further assistance, feel free to contact us.

Please include your full name, E-Mail address, and reservation number if applicable on all correspondence.

WDW Online Communications


Is it safe to visit Georgia?

To: Explore Georgia
Date: 04/06/2010 10:23 AM
Hi over there,

I am Tim Fredriksson from Sweden. I'm planning to visit the lovely Georgia this summer. But I have some questions:

1) It seems to be so many weapons around in Georgia. Would you recommend us to get armed/hire guards when travelling around?

2) What currency should I bring? Does US $ work in Georgia, or is it better to bring €? Plain gold coins?

3) Is there a risk for a second Russian invasion as the one during 2008?

Best regards,
Tim Fredriksson


To: tim.fredriksson@gmail.com
From: Explore Georgia
Date: 04/08/2010 05:14 PM

Mr. Fredriksson,

I am sorry but you have contacted the wrong Georgia. This is the state of Georgia located in the United States.



Asian spit rain at the Eiffel Tower

To: Tour Eiffel
Date: 03/31/2010 10:31 PM

Hi over there,
I am Tim Fredriksson from Sweden. Me and my family are planing to go to Paris this Spring. The trip will of course not be complete without a visit to the Eiffel Tower!

However, my neighbour, Olof Andersson, strongly recommend us to bring umbrellas. According to Olof, we could arrive to the Eiffel Tower when a bunch of Asian tourists are at the top. Since the Asian tourists love to spit out in the air we at the ground will be all covered in Asian spit rain if we don’t have umbrellas.

Is this really true? And is it possible to buy umbrellas at the tower?

Best regards,
Tim Fredriksson with family


From: Tour Eiffel
Date: 04/01/2010 01:14 PM

Dear Sir,
We thank you for your interest in the Eiffel Tower.

We inform you that, fortunately, you will need umbrellas only if it rains a regular rain.

Best Regards,

The Commercial Department


Eternal peace in Yosemite?

To: Yosemite National Park
Date: 03/30/2010 11:39AM

Hi over there,
I am Tim Fredriksson from Sweden. Me and my family are planing a trip to California and of course we want to visit the beautiful nationalpark of Yosemite.

One of our main goals with our trip to Yosemite is to bury the remains of our beloved dog (a charming border collie named Wilsson). In his 12 year long life Wilsson loved the nature and we know that he will find peace in a really scenic place. So, do you have any specific spots in the park you recomemend for this purpose?

A great thanks in advance,
Tim Fredriksson with family

PS. If it will cost extra to bury Wilsson we will gladly pay for this, but it would be great then if you could borrow us a shovel.


From: Yosemite National Park
Date: 04/01/2010

I’m sorry, burying pets isn’t allowed in Yosemite. Pet burials are regulated elsewhere in California, as well. If you’d really like to bury your pet in California, you might try to contact a California Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) or a California veterinarian for advice on where you can bury Wilsson.


National Park Service
Yosemite National Park