Is Jeffereson being replaced?!

To: Mount Rushmore National Park
Date: 04/02/2010 11:56 AM
Hi over there,

I am Tim Fredriksson from Sweden. Me and my family are planing to go to America this summer, and one of the stops will definitely be Mount Rushmore.

However, my neighbour, Olof Andersson, says that we have to hurry and see the monument before the summer. From the first of June, artists and engineers will start the work to replace Jefferson with the face of Obama in order to increase the popularity, claims Olof.

Is this true? Do we need to change our dates? I can't find any more information about it elsewhere, but Olof says this is obvious since it is a conspiracy.

Best regards,
Tim Fredriksson with family

To: tim.fredriksson@gmail.com
From: Mount Rushmore National Park
Date: 04/05/2010 10:14 PM


That is a great story, but no truth!!! Don't believe it!!!!!!! Jefferson isn't going anywhere and no one is going to be added. Tell Olof nice try???

[-----------], Ranger

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