Special "hair deal" at Madame Tussauds?

To: Madame Tussauds, London UK
Date: 04/13/2010 09:25 PM


I am Tim Fredriksson from Sweden. Soon me and my family will go to London, and of course Madame Tussauds is a must stop!

My neighbour, Olof Andersson, recently visited the museum and told me that you have a special deal: each visitor that donates 1 Ounce of hair to future wax figures will get 25% discount. Three questions:

1) For how long does this campaign run?
2) Does it also apply to childrens hair?
3) Is it possible to donate even more hair and get a bigger discount?

Thanks in advance,
Tim Fredriksson with family


To: tim.fredriksson@gmail.com
From: Madame Tussauds, London UK
Date: 04/14/2010 4:52 PM

Hello Tim,

Thank you very much for your enquiry. Unfortunately we do not have, nor have had in the past the promotion that you have described below. You can however get a discount if you book your tickets online (http://www.madametussauds.com/London/BuyTickets/Tickets/PriorityAccessTickets/Default.aspx).

Kind regards,

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