Legoland is just a playground

To: Legoland
From: tim.fredriksson@gmail.com
Date: 06/29/2010 06:32 PM

recently our family visited Legoland. However, we were very disapointed.
The entire concept seemed only to focus on fun, play and beauty. As a parent my ambition is that my children will learn new things about the world. Legoland did not teach my children a single new thing.
You have sentimental miniatures of Copenhagen and famous buildings from the West. But where is the White man's brutal conquest of Africa, Agent Orange, or the threats from Global Warming? No where.
To whom should I send our tickets to get a refund?

Best regards,
Tim Fredriksson


To: tim.fredriksson@gmail.com
From: Legoland
Date: 07/08/2010 02:15 PM
Dear Tim Fredriksson,

Thank you for your e-mail of 29 June 2010. We are sorry that you were disappointed with your visit to LEGOLAND.

In LEGOLAND we focus on giving the whole family a good day in the park – full of imagination, creativity and fun. We do not strive to base the experiences on facts and history, but leave this to museums and other similar attractions.

Miniland is the heart of LEGOLAND. Here, you can see the world in miniature and enjoy famous buildings, capital cities, villages and exciting areas, built of 20 million LEGO bricks. Most of our guests score this area very high, when they give us their opinion of their visit, but we are of course sorry that you did not find it interesting.

Once more thank you for your comments.

Best regards,

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